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Why do I have low self-esteem? What to do about it

Do you battle with poor self-esteem? Perhaps you feel unworthy? Too frequently, we persuade ourselves that we are not worthy of the life we want or that we are unworthy of someone else.One of my favorite statements is "We sabotage the great things in our lives because deep down we don't feel worthy of having the great things." What is true is that we feel this way, but it is false that we are unworthy of such tremendous achievements. In truth, we are deserving of many wonderful experiences in life. The worst critic is yourself. We condemn ourselves more than our harshest enemies could. It is crucial for our mental wellness that we begin working on taking care of our thoughts and begin increasing our self-esteem and value. This is not easy, and can be a struggle to rebuild self-esteem and value. Slowly, you can realize that you are capable of big things. There is some great advice for dealing with emotions of low self-worth and regaining your self-esteem.

How to Overcome Low Self Esteem and Find Your Worth

Wake up cheerful. The first step toward overcoming emotions of low self-esteem is to decide each morning that you are in a pleasant mood. This is really crucial. If you wake up joyful and determine that "today is going to be a good day," you're likely to experience a good day. If you wake up and begin your day with negative thinking, you will generate negative energy, which will establish a poor tone for the rest of your day.

Obsess about positives.

When it comes to regaining our self-esteem, we must focus on the positive aspects of ourselves. Stop focusing on what you "hate" about yourself and instead obsess over what you enjoy. Every morning, tell yourself how beautiful you are and how much you adore your hair. Stop concentrating on one or two pimples and tell yourself, "Wow, my skin looks great!" Stop searching for weaknesses.Face it, everyone has defects, but if you start feeling good about them, the energy will rebound off of you and onto others, producing optimism. So, do you have a zit? You are still lovely! Compliment yourself every day.

Do not push away.

Stop pushing people away because you feel unworthy. This is a major issue for many people. They tend to feel unworthy, therefore they repeatedly drive away those that care about them. This is generally associated with a fear of getting too near. If this sounds like you, I'm saying STOP. You deserve to be surrounded by people who genuinely care about you. If you continue to drive those who care about you away, you will end yourself alone and feeling much worse. It is critical to surround and fill your life with people who encourage you and make you feel valued. You deserve folks like these in your life. Do not think otherwise!

Live in the present, not the past.

Stop living in the past and start living in the present. This is important advice. Too many of us dwell on what we did "wrong" in the past, preventing us from living in the current moment. The past cannot be changed, and everyone has made errors. It is vital to make errors in the past because without them, we would never learn to improve our current situation. Stop dwelling on all the terrible things you've done. It's all behind you now. If you start focusing on what you have now and what you can do to improve yourself, you will discover that your self-worth grows.

Seek therapy.

Low self-esteem is based on past experiences, relationships and life events that have left a traumatic impact on us. When we have not faced the things that pained and hurt us, we will remain stuck in a certain attitude about ourselves. Therapy can help understanding what the beliefs and attitudes we carry are, and where they have come from. Emotions and experiences have to be processed in order to heal.


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